Upgrade you iOS devices to 9.3 before it's too late

Upgrade you iOS devices to 9.3 before it\'s too late

I read articles few months ago stating DON'T set your iPhone to 1 January 1970 or you'll break it on various blogs. Being a PHP Developer I were aware and still amuze with the limitation of TIMESTAMP MySQL datatype being limited to address those date ranging from 1970 AD to 2038. When I first came with those articles of breaking iPhone/iOS setting date to 1970 I entered iOS Settings>General>Date & Time and turned Set Automatically Off that gives us date time setting with rotational values.

At that day I felt lazy to rotate that cycle to 1970 and stopped testing the bug. But later on yesterday Mar 24th 2016, when I were on a metting with my officemate I had few minutes of leisure so randomly playing with my iPhone I entered the datetime settings and started to rotate the cycle for as much as it rotates. I thought going back to the date day by day will take a long but eventually I got the date Set to Jan 1 '70 and time 05:30. Beyond which I couldn't decrease it.

Being well aware of possible consequences I were not afraid to enjoy it. As I approached The Singularity I noticed my Time Bar was gone and something different was happening. I didn't attempted to revert the date back to current or turn the Set Automatically button On (I don't know why) but as a I had read before I turned the Phone power Off to open the Pandora Box.

After the phone shut down successfully I attempted to Power On the Phone. I saw Apple is appearing on the screen but not proceeding. I were optimisitic it'll proceed normally before I felt iPhone is heating on the course of 2/3 minutes I waited. Then I finally decided to try it later. Now the friend I were meeting is free to discuss with me about official works. When I returned to my room I tried to switch the phone On but it's not going as expected.

I connected the iPhone to iTunes but the it's not even showing the S/N of Phone and asks to Update software or Restore. I started downloding the ipsw file of 1.8GB to restore my phone. It was already 5PM so I left the download as it's and escaped for home with my SIM card Swapped to Colors small bar Phone that I carry regulary. Later on in the night I shared it with my Wifey and I attempted Opening the screw of iPhone to remove the Battery as suggested by online blog but she stopped me and googled with a solution that Apple have released iOS 9.3 just 2 days ago fixing that bug. So I started downloading the ipsw file from https://ipsw.me/9.3 and followed the article If you changed the date to May 1970 or earlier and can’t restart your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It took nearly 6 hours for me to download the 1.8GB ipsw file and thus I spent this night without sleeping but suceeded Upgrading my Phone to that bug free version where I can freely set the date to 1970 back and forth :D.

I am writing this article right after my iPhone completed upgrading, it took one and half hour to complete this article and it's now 6AM.

Good Morning...


As stated on some blogs my phone is not unhibernated/solved after 5 or more hours neither changing the SIM Card solved this.

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