[MBA] Case Study : Virtual Selection At National City Corporation

[MBA] Case Study : Virtual Selection At National City Corporation

National City Corporation, a multistate banking firm with headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, employs around 32,000 people.  The company has been named one of "The Top 100 Employers” by The Black Collegian magazine.  National City, founded in 1845, is one of the nation's largest financial holding companies. 

National City uses a computerized simulation of specific job-related tasks known as "Virtual Job Tryout” to select candidates for jobs.  In effect, job candidates get to audition for the job they want.  The company believes that this type of assessment does more than help the company select the right people.  The process also gives National City Corporation a distinctive recruiting experience that creates a unique impression on applicants and helps build the employer brand of the company. 

National City worked with a consulting firm to develop several virtual simulations.  The simulations have audio and video interactivity and are quite appealing to younger job applicants such as Gen Y'ers.  Call center applicants, for instance, are given scenarios requiring them to solve customer service problems.  Branch manager applicants have to demonstrate their skills at developing client relationships and making quick personnel decisions.  Of course, these online assessments are just part of the overall selection process, but they are the next step in getting hired after completing the application process. 

The firm believes that this part of its selection process is an educational tool that helps potential employees learn about the company.  According to one of the consultants involved in the development of the simulation, innovative companies are looking for unique experiences such as this one to make their selection process stand out.

Answer the following questions by applying the concepts learned in Chapter 7. Also, conduct literature reviews on the subject of discussion and use to support your case study answers:

  1. Discuss the pros and cons of using virtual assessment for employee selection.  To answer this question, you may want to do further research on the concept of virtual assessment for selection.
  2. What concerns would you have about this selection process if you were an applicant?
  3. Describe the steps the company would need to take to ensure that the selection process is nondiscriminatory and fair.
  4. Do you think all types of employees would react the same to virtual assessment? Why? Why not?
  5. For what type of skills is the virtual assessment best suited (e.g., hard, soft, business, engineering, other)? Explain your response.
  6. Are there jobs for which this type of assessment would not be appropriate?

National City Corporation is headquartered on Cleveland and working as banking firm that employees around 32,000 people. Being one of top 100 employers the selection process might have been harder unless it implements Virtual Job Tryout for selecting candidates for job.So it help company select right people and save resources too.The process distinguished it from others and helped build employer brand too. National City coordinates with consulting firm for development and selection of appropriate simulation process. Implementing online system saves time and helps efficient selection process. Furthermore the online assessment is not final one but just a phase for further process.The firm believes such process help finding appropriate employee for company.


Analysis of Case

There are many firms that implements selection virtual selection process. Online selection process is not applicable for final decision making or decide whom to recruit but whom to not recruit. Virtual Job Tryout are widely implemented in Banking, Distribution/Logistics, Financial Services, Heal care and many more (Shaker, 2015).It is more appropriate for organization that seeks candidates over the globe and with large number of application droppings.


Pro and Cons of Virtual Assessment

Virtual assessment is widely applicable but is not possible on every sector. Virtual assessment is a phase on candidate selection but not the final one to decide whom to hire. VJT creates interactive simulation on the same way experience on video games and fight simulations. We can list the pro and cons as:




Concerns aboutVirtual Assessment

Being efficient and ease of execution VJT have some concerns when I were an applicant like:


Steps for Nondiscriminatory and Fair Selection Process

Already stated that VJT might bring biasness and lack of natural interaction between parties there are some steps should be followed to avoid discrimination making selection process fair


Response from Employees on VJT

The virtual assessment for selection on National City Corporate face with variant of employees. Some find this more effective and modern one while on other hand find this as a way to bias and give less priority on body language and work nature.So employees react differently to this selection process. Response from candidate depends on their competencies and background. Some finds this process easier because they won't be able to discuss visiting the company physically but some candidates might find they are screened to collect information about company and working environment.


Applicability of Virtual Assessment

Companies should implement assessment differently depending on job nature and nature of company. Not all company are able to select candidates with this process too. For example selecting an instructor or teacher might be done my VJT that consist of measuring candidate's knowledge. But on the other hand VJT might not be applicable of recruiting Engineering employee because it needs testing with skills candidates do have. Furthermore verbal or theoretical explanation of construction process is not best enough to select construction engineer. For manager and supervisor selection we many throw some scenario of difficulties and ask for possible ways to mitigate those situation. Such assessment would give clear picture of one's ability and competencies.

Jobs Matching Virtual Assessment

We discussed VJT can be applied to select candidates for job where checking knowledge level and interpretation ability is enough but VJT might view negative result on selecting candidates for job which require special experiences, skill and physical abilities. We can select candidates for marketing, sales and call center by VJT because there is nothing to do or test calling those candidates physically but for mechanical, engineering and medical sector VJT will have to have to pay high cost on failing choose best one.


National City Corporation is easing and making effective on candidate selection process. There are both pro and cons of VJT. But we may decide whether to go for VJT or other technique during selection. Companies like National City that employees 32,000 employees would face hard on interviewing when there is flood of applicant from the globe. So it is advised to make clear view and benchmark before candidate selection. Being distance from interviewer will lack candidate's belief on employer so employer should describe well about marking and selection process before, during and after interview process.



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