[MBA] Read the case given and answer the questions

[MBA] Read the case given and answer the questions

Your company manufactures and sells tennis rackets and would like to start selling outside the United States. You are in charge of developing a global Web strategy and the first countries you are thinking of targeting are Brazil, China, Germany, Italy, and Japan.

1. Using the statistics in the CIA World Fact Book, which of these countries would you target first? Provide rationale.

As we surf through CIA World Fact Book the Country having almost all factors positive is China. We know China is the fastest growing economy in world, it have largest population and diversified people communities. The unemployment rate in China is very low 4% (as of 2012) so their Per Capita Income is good so is their purchasing power. It is obvious to target any product on China and I would prefer choosing it too.


2.What criteria did you use?

The factors/criteria to make above decision are the GDP Per Capita $12,900 (2014 est.), GDP Purchasing Power Parity $17.62 trillion (2014 est.) and the Literacy rate of 94%. It is obvious the interest and involvement of people on Sports activities is dependent on their education level and development index factors like PPP, GDP etc. So the figures are very much suggestive to choose China as first target.


3.What other considerations should you address in your Web strategy?

The other considerations needed in web strategies is the population growth rate, Sport attachement of people, local working hour policy, internet connection availability, multilingual support on the application etc.