[MBA] Read the below case and answer the question

[MBA] Read the below case and answer the question

Toronto-based Mercedes-Benz, Canada, with a network of 55 dealers, did not know enough about the customers. Dealers provided customer data to the company on an ad hoc basis. Mercedes did not force dealers to report this information. There was no real incentive for dealers to share information with the company.

1.    How could CRM and PRM systems solve this problem?

In the given scenario there has been isolation between the company and customers. Company attempts to communicate with customers bridged by Dealers. But they are failing to do so.

Customer Relationship Management tools helps dealers keep updated information about customers, analyse it and make decisions based on it. CRM is software system that facilitates day to day operation. If dealers used it to ease their tasks, the information will be updated, latest and genuine. The data and information in CRM can be exported, imported and manipulated to extract useful statistics. Moreover web-based CRM tools are platform independent and accessible anywhere. Web-based CRMs can have features to connect customers to dealers and ultimately the company. 

On the other hand Partner Relationship Management (PRM) is generally web-based system used to communicate with partners. It also helps performing administrative tasks scheduling better. So use of web based CRM and PRM will help dealers get managed customer information well and PRM helps communication with Company and among dealers more efficiently. Dealers and Company can share reports, information and can have better communication with help of PRM. So for larger and/or overseas companies CRM and PRM are really useful.