[MBA] Read Case Study: Should You Use Your iPhone for Work?

[MBA] Read Case Study: Should You Use Your iPhone for Work?

1.    What are the advantages and disadvantages of allowing employees to use their personal smartphones for work?

2.    What management, organization, and technology factors should be addressed when deciding whether to allow employees to use their personal smartphones for work?

3.    Allowing employees to use their own smartphones for work will save the company money. Do you agree? Why or why not?


  1.  As the growth rate of technology usage in companies is increasing, the number of companies permitting employees to use Smartphones for their day to day tasks are also increasing. Use of Smartphones have been not only the facility but the must have factor for better day to day operation.


We can enlist the advantages and disadvantages of allowing use of smartphone as follows





Management Factors:

When management try to test with something really new for it, there will be some challenges for management to regulate the transactions. Moreover management might not have regulating policy, check and balance mechanism for what the new trend arise. Use of smartphone will change the way of formal reporting system. A management is all about managing manpower and their activities so requirement of capable and technically sound management is another question.

Organization Factors:

The organization consist of management, employees, the stakeholders and the customers too. Now as the way of regular workflow change the cost incurred for certain sector decrease while on other sectors increase. Organizational budgeting mechanism should address the way of using Smartphones for work. Customers may face some challenges with the way employees work.

Technology Factors:

The smartphones market is dominated by Android and iOS operating system. Management should regulate on the uniformity of used operating system or at least make sure all the fundamental applications are available for all platforms. The most  challenge will be the privacy and security of company's confidential information. The tailored application used by company on Laptop Pcs may need redevelopment or company should seek for the similar application. Next the way of communicating with employees is eased  by use of smartphones because employees have their smartphones available with them 24/7. Company should have provision for what to do in case of losing smartphone by any employee.


3.  Yes I agree, allowing employees to use their own smartphone for work save the company money