Nepal Rastra Bank IT Assistant Practical Questions (2071)

Nepal Rastra Bank IT Assistant Practical Questions (2071)

The questions provided below were asked on my examination for 2071 batch recruitment.

The examination is scheduled as:

  1. Objective question examination and Subjective examination on first round.
  2. Those who passed/selected of first exam will have to face Practical Examination, the practical exam consist of 25 Objective Questions (Each of 2 marks) and 50 Marks practical held on PC.
  3. After that Practical Examination passed selected candidates will face Interview of 40 marks

Questions asked for Practical Examination (On PC)

  1. Your pc have some defect;correct the problem and start it
    Write down the steps to install printer driver on PC. [5+5]

  2. Design a website for NRB With (Given on text)
    Center: Welcome to NRB
    CENTER: Image here
    Menu with links for
    Home | Policy | About | Vacancy | Contact
    Body:Message from the governor.

  3. a. Write down the given 3 equations on MS WORD.
    b. The shopkeeper have per unit price of corn, floor and maize 400,300,500 he adds 8% on each and allocates 12% profit on swlling price.
    Include them in excel sheet.
    C. Design 5 power point slides about Computer Fundamentals.

  4. Type the following Nepali font text in MS WORD. (A full A4 1 page of preeti font text) [8]

To be continued..