Easiest way to access blocked sites: Using Google Translate

Easiest way to access blocked sites: Using Google Translate

You can access blocked sites following trick:

  1. Find a proxy site and access anonymously. Example: www.proxy.org, www,proxify.com; www,newipnow.com; www.goschool.eu
  2. Instead I am here to enlight on Google Translating a page and enjoying it.

Google Tranlating a page to bypass site blocking

By loading a webpage using Google Translate, you are essentially tricking your browser into thinking that you're looking at a Google page instead of the actual page. You can use this to bypass blocks on virtually any site, including YouTube.


  1. Navigate to www.translate.google.com
  2. Paste the url to access in translate field. 
  3. Choose any other language you understand of simply choose Dutch that is similar to English.
    Alternately you can choose to translate from anyother language as From and English as To. Google can do this too well.
    Note that Instead a page is in English You can choose Source language as Any-other-language and target Language to be English.
  4. Now enjoy surfing the full site uninterruptly.

‚ÄčEneter the Url and click Translate. 

You may encounter "The page you have attempted to translate is already in English." error in next page.


The solution is then simply change the From option of Detect Language to any other Language then u can see english version/original of site.

In the picture you can see I translated the site from Albanina to English instead the site is already in English.

Viola enjoy the site..

I have tested this against www.youtube.com and performs well. I am sorry but this trick won't work for www.facebook.com.