Project Report after Website Completion

Project Report after Website Completion

All title includes at least one page

  1. Cover Page:
    An attractive cover page with a screen shot of your website.
  2. Acknowledgement:
    A short paragraph thanking your boss and me for help completing the site
    (only 1 paragraph)
  3. Abstract:
    Short brief about this report (why this is prepared, the theme working of your project)
    This section should describe all aspects of your site.
    - 1 paragraph
  4.  Table of contents:
  5. Body of report
    Chapter-1: Introduction

    1.1 Objective:
    To develop a website with the facility to do something on as per requirements of someone.
    1.2 Background:
    Where the motivation comes from, for what other similar sites have been completed by other (if exists).

Introducing your site what, why, how, when, to whom.

Chapter-2: Tools used :
Write about
HTML 5; Css 3; PHP 5+, Mysql 5+; javascript; jquery are used
Describe each on brief what they actually do here.


Chapter -3: Working of Website

At least 6 pages description with screenshots describing each pages of the site

This section nearly appears as user's manual but with more technical terms.

Chapter -4: Site security and sustainability
Ok you can describe 1 page here about how this site is secure how the MySQL database is secure;
State about password protected admin account, user accounts or whatever you think is better.

Chapter -5 : anything you think required (e.g. Future improvements):
place what new features will you add on this site if you have chance to improve /upgrade this;

  1. g. place captcha; email address verifications; mobile number sms system; voting on Facebook; login with Facebook Gmail account; many many

But don't forget to describe why this improvement is necessary
this will show your creativity to your boss)

Chapter -6: Conclusions
Say that you have successfully completed the site with some more experiences and met the users requirement. I will improve this this on next version so that …. also this site is quite useful for anything you think.


  1. Glossary:
    You may place some technical terms definition here like: MySQL; JavaScript; admin user; admin panel; file upload; popup;