NRB Interview Question for Officer (Law)

NRB Interview Question for Officer (Law)

The article includes Interview questions asked for me on Nepal Rastra Bank Assistant Director (Law) selection on 2076 Jestha. As per the provision of NRB Employee Bylaw 2068 the recruitment committee acts as Interview panel consisting of:

  1. Senior Deputy Governor of NRB (Chairman)- 1
  2. Deputy Governor of NRB - 1
  3. Representative from Ministry of Finance - 1
  4. Representative from Public Service Commission - 1
  5. HR Management Dept. Chief of NRB (Secretary) -1 

The questions asked are:

1. Interviewer 1:
Position of Legal Division in NRB, its structure, is it sufficient or what do you suggest?
Why Legal Division directly under Governor?
What is the role of Investigation Officer in AML/CFT?
What are Banking Offenses, what punishments are prescribed in BOP Act?
2. Interviewer 2:
What bills are filed in parliament after budget speech by Finance Minister tell the full name?
Under which (law) provision did he prepare/file the bills?
3. Interviewer 3:
No Questions.
4. Interviewer 4:
सरकारको नीति तथा कार्यक्रम कहिले पेश गरियाे र यसमा Highlight गरेर पनि बजेटमा छुटाएका कुराहरु के के हुन्?
5. Interviewer 5:
What is meant capturing Red Hand, why is it called so?
In NRB some cases of claiming Pension Funds by multiple wives (their son/daughter) are done, although it's against law having multiple wives whom should we award the pensions?

Full marks of interview is 40.